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How we like to work:


Estimating and Budget Planning


We consider cost estimating to be a valuable service and integral part of the project design and development process and devote substantial time and energy to create reliable budgets during the planning and development of a project.

Our Estimating and Budget planning process:

  1. At the initial visit to discuss the proposed project, a team member will discuss your project in detail and offer a probable range of cost to determine if the project you desire is feasible within your budget.  We will discuss design options, material choices, garden styles and other options.  Please collect inspiration photos from books and magazines to help convey the dream garden. (If possible).
  2. If we decide that Bio Friendly Gardens is an appropriate fit for your project, we will provide you with a preliminary estimate based on initial discussions and different material choices, as well as an estimated time line to complete a project in the given amount of space.
  3. You have the option of a conceptual design plan or detailed design plan (when building permits are necessary) depending on scale of project; or no plan at all, if you feel confident you can work in an interactive, natural, and artistic way.

The Contract

The State of California requires all contractors to be licensed in their respective field of work.  We are also required to carry workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage. These requirements as well as many other business operating costs, add a considerable amount of overhead cost to the overall construction process.

Therefore we are required by law to have a signed contract for every project we perform that exceeds $500.

Many times the contract changes significantly due to changes during the process of a project. These changes add a lot of time and additional materials to the overall process of completion and budget.
With respect to our contract format, we try to work on a cost plus basis (time and materials plus overhead and profit) up to the actual or estimated cost whichever is lower.
We also establish a ceiling or NOT TO EXCEED figure, unless the client adds additional work above this figure.




How We like to Work